Shipping & Returns


We offer three options for shipping orders in the U.S.

  • Ground shipping (Package arrives within 2 to 7 business days of shipment.)
  • 2Day (Package arrives in 2 business days of shipment.)
  • Overnight (Package arrives in 1 business day of shipment.)

If you place an order before 5:30AM Pacific time, our fulfillment service guarantees that it will process and ship the order that day. If you place an order between 5:30AM Pacific and 1:30PM Pacific time, our fulfillment service makes a "best effort" to process and ship the order that day. If you place an order between 1:30PM Pacific time and Midnight Pacific time, our fulfillment service guarantees processing and shipment the next business day.


Refunds and returns

Flip-flopping on your order? We offer full refunds for unopened decks of Trumped Up Cards. Send a note with your order number to and we'll tell you what to do.

Once you've opened a deck of Trumped Up Cards, we will only be able to offer you a partial refund. If you'd like to begin negotiations, send a note with your order number to

If your order arrives damaged in any way, and you want a refund or return, send a note with your order number and photos of the damage to and we'll make things right. (Pics or it didn't happen.)

If a carrier makes a documented delivery to the address you provided, but the package is lost or stolen before you successfully retrieve it, we cannot replace or refund the order.


International Orders

As long as the next president does not rip up America's trade agreements, we sell internationally. Certain conditions do apply:

  1. The World's Biggest Deck is not a lightweight card game – it's 2.35 lbs. So understand that international shipping charges will be substantial.

  2. Because of these substantial shipping charges, we cannot accept returns on international orders. No negotiations, ever. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

  3. In certain countries, the game may have to go through customs. You are responsible for any and all fees that may arise from this process, including import duties, taxes, and any other charges. We have no way to inform you if such charges will apply and how much they are. It is your sole responsibility to determine what your country's customs office requires and to pay any fees required by them. Finally, if the World's Biggest Deck gets roughed up during its journey to you, we cannot offer replacements.

  4. We must stress this strongly: International sales are not just a transaction. They are an adventure, full of risk, suspense, danger, and perhaps, great reward. By purchasing the World's Biggest Deck, you accept these conditions of sale and acknowledge that all international orders are FINAL. Let the buyer beware!

  5. After you complete a purchase on our order page, we will send you an email that essentially repeats everything you just read here. To complete the purchase, you must reply to the email, confirming that you agree to these conditions. If we don't hear back from you within 48 hours, we will void the order and refund your payment. If you do confirm your desire to purchase under these conditions, we will alert our shipping department and your adventure will begin!