This is a game. Democracy isn't.

A reality TV star in the White House? If you're ready to laugh liberally in the wake of this unpresidented outcome, then grab a copy of what many people are calling the World's Biggest Deck.

Trumped Up Cards is a satirical card game where reality collides with alternative facts and everyone wins! (Except the haters and the losers.) Enjoy!

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This is a game. Democracy isn't.

Trumped Up Cards: The World's Biggest Deck


Trumped Up Cards is a multi-player card game where participants respond to ridiculous questions using stock, readymade answers. In other words, it's sort of like a standard White House press briefing, only more substantive. (Our cards contain a lot of footnotes!)

Trumped Up Cards will donate all profits to charities that already work to make America great.

550 total cards:

  • 420 white cards
  • 90 blue cards
  • 40 Trump Cards

    The 40 Trump Cards have powers that give players special and often unfair advantages to alter gameplay in fun, surprising, and dramatic ways. Listen to your gut, play boldly, and win until you get bored with winning!

    7 3/8" x 4" x 2 3/4"
    2.35 lbs.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      I have an idea for a card. Can I suggest it?

      We'd love to hear it. Drop a note to our imaginary PR guy, John Miller:

      Where else can I buy Trumped Up Cards?

      Trumped Up Cards are available exclusively on If that changes, we'll let you know.

      I don't live in the United States. Can I still buy Trumped Up Cards?

      As long as the next president does not rip up America's trade agreements, yes!

      Before you order, however, please read our detailed policy, as certain conditions do apply.

      Can I get a tremendous deal if I purchase 50 or more copies of Trumped Up Cards?

      Yes. Let us know exactly how many boxes you want, and where you need them shipped, and we'll negotiate a beautiful price for you! Send inquiries to

      You're just part of the dishonest, left-wing card game industry. How come you didn't make a Hillary version?

      How come you didn't make a Hillary version?

      What is your shipping & returns policy?

      Here's our beautiful answer to your very average question.

      Many People Are Saying...

      "Probably the most beautiful piece of memorabilia in the history of politics!"

      • "Three of the leading casinos in Las Vegas love our game so much they've fired all their blackjack dealers and are just letting people play Trumped Up Cards."

        John Barron, publicist

      • "Listen, in terms of women, a lot of very attractive hand models are dying to spend time with this deck."

        A source close to Trumped Up Cards

      • "Look, folks, the polls don't lie. And the polls are saying nearly 33 percent of America thinks Trumped Up Cards are 'more tender and flavorful' than Trump Steaks."

        John Miller, PR guy