Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea for a card. Can I suggest it?

We'd love to hear it. Drop a note to our imaginary PR guy, John Miller:

Where else can I buy Trumped Up Cards?

Trumped Up Cards are also now available on, and at various physical retail stores. (If going the retailer route, you may want to call first to make sure they have Trumped Up Cards in stock.)

I don't live in the United States. Can I still buy Trumped Up Cards?

We're not currently accepting international orders. If that changes, we'll post our international shipping policy here. 

    Can I get a tremendous deal if I purchase 50 or more copies of Trumped Up Cards?

    Yes. Let us know exactly how many boxes you want, and where you need them shipped, and we'll negotiate a beautiful price for you! Send inquiries to

    You're just part of the dishonest, left-wing card game industry. How come you didn't make a Hillary version?

    How come you didn't make a Hillary version?

    What is your shipping & returns policy?

    Here's our beautiful answer to your very average question.